At Medicare EMR we have a lot to be proud of. Now the bar has been set even higher than before – this is all due to our leading inspiration, the man himself, Garth van Zyl.

Some of you might have noticed that the village has been a lot quieter the last few months. There was a really good reason for that…

Garth got accepted at Ambutek earlier this year, the top rated training college for EMS in the country, for one of the toughest courses in EMS in South Africa. He had decided it was time to further his education and achieve his AEA qualification, something that was long overdue!

Today I had the pleasure of being at his graduation ceremony where Garth was rewarded with a trophy for the top student of the class with an Cum Laude average of 95% over all.

A special thank you was given to Garth, who had gone out of his way to assist a struggling student, who proudly received his certificate along with the other students today.

Thank you Garth for all your hard work and your continuous inspiration. I’m sure you have a lot more in store for us in the future and it is an honor to serve the community by your side.

You are a true inspiration to all of us.

Your loving partner in all things

Monika Vermeulen



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