Here is a bit of insight into how things work at all events for those who don’t know what is all involved when it comes to organizing an event in SA these days, particularly in regards to the outdoor music festival scene..

Last year the Sports and Recreation Act came into play which has been a blessing in disguise for all. To cut along story short, it is for everyone’s best interest, it is there for your, the patrons’ safety. The act ensures that a set standard of planning goes into every single event starting with events needing to be categorically placed into one of 3 levels of risk – Low, Medium & High. This will determine the amount of SAPS presence at an event as they take the accountability for the safety as a whole ultimately.

Each event requires an event safety officer who overseas the entire event from a medical, security and fire perspective. Each of these divisions come along with their own individual plans and requirements. This is just a very small part of it. Organisers, officials and special people behind the scenes are working hard to ensure your safety at events. All in aid of the betterment of the industry. So please work with us when we request you to step back or not stand in the middle of the fire show. The organisers are responsible for putting all the requirements in place and if they don’t and the cops come there and shut it down it’s not the cops that have caused it but the organisers.

The cops at parties are their for safety reasons and not to bust you(unless you are clubber enough to bust a pipe next to them ;P). Most of these cops have not experienced anything near in their lives like what we are privileged to experience at the outdoors every season. When they rock up in full force its a mere fascination to see what its about rather than pulling in to spoil the vibe. They are just doing their jobs.

Do yourself a favour and next time you see a bobby at an event go up to them and thank them for the job they doing and enjoy a good giggle at the responses you get.

Keep safe out there, we have issues in the family which we(the elders of the scene, lol) are working hard to eradicate, but with-out your assistance we will end up fighting a losing battle.

If a “clubber” bothers you at a party come speak to me or anyone of the security or organisers when it happens so that it can be dealt with immediately rather than having a bitch and moan on the organisers sites afterwards

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing – Edmund Burke”


Love & Light – Peace out!



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