MVA = Motor Vehicle Accident
PVA = Pedestrian Vehicle Accident
MI = Heart Attack
TIA = Transient Ischemic Attack (mini stroke)
CVA = Stroke
OD = Overdose

P1 = very serious, potentially life threatening
P2 = needs to go to hospital, can become life threatening if not treated
P3 = minor injuries

Community Call
 = due to special financial circumstances the patient was not charged for treatment
Billable = patient was billed for the treatment that was provided by Medicare EMR
Member= the call was covered by Medicare EMR membership program


DatePrimaryPriorityPT #Billable/Member?Transported
2014/07/30stabbingP11Community Callyes
2014/07/29bitten by a horse on the shoulderP31Memberno
2014/07/28asthmaP11Community Callyes
2014/07/28diabetic attackP11Community Callno
2014/07/27pedestrian knock downP11Community Callyes
2014/07/26StabbingP21Community Callyes
2014/07/25seizuresP11Community Callyes
2014/07/23injured eyeP31Memberno
2014/07/21SOBP21Community Callyes
2014/07/21MVAP11Community Callyes
2014/07/21chest pain/headacheP11Community Callno
2014/07/21Pt collapsedP11Community Callno
2014/07/20penetrating object to eyeP21Community Callyes
2014/07/19Pt collapsedP11Billableyes
2014/07/18MVAP10Community Callno
2014/07/17Pt collapsed not breathingP11Billableyes
2014/07/17allergic reactionP31Community Callno
2014/07/16epileptic episodeP11Community Callyes
2014/07/14abdomen painP21Billableyes
2014/07/14maternityP11Community Callyes
2014/07/14woman unconsciousP10Community Callno
2014/07/13Pt collapsedP11Billableyes
2014/07/13Spiked drinkP31Community Callno
2014/07/13abdomen painP11Community Callyes
2014/07/13pead feverP11Community Callyes
2014/07/12chest painP11Billableyes
2014/07/09Epileptic episodeP21Community Callyes
2014/07/08Mental disorderP31Community Callno
2014/07/08Collapsed patientP11Community Callno
2014/07/08Fractured ankle and armP11Memberyes
2014/07/06chest pain, SOBP11Community Callno