MVA = Motor Vehicle Accident
PVA = Pedestrian Vehicle Accident
MI = Heart Attack
TIA = Transient Ischemic Attack (mini stroke)
CVA = Stroke
OD = Overdose

P1 = very serious, potentially life threatening
P2 = needs to go to hospital, can become life threatening if not treated
P3 = minor injuries

Community Call
 = due to special financial circumstances the patient was not charged for treatment
Billable = patient was billed for the treatment that was provided by Medicare EMR
Member= the call was covered by Medicare EMR membership program


DatePrimaryPriorityPT #Billable/Member?Transported
2014/08/30stab wound to faceP31Community Callno
2014/08/30Pt fell and injured himselfP21Community Callyes
2014/08/27MVAP22Community Callyes
2014/08/27Pt fell and injured himselfP21Billableno
2014/08/27MI?P21Community Callyes
2014/08/24AssaultP11Community Callyes
2014/08/23asthmaP21Community Call
2014/08/23AssaultP21Community Callno
2014/08/23Stab wound to chestP22Community Callyes
2014/08/22diabetic attackP21Community Callyes
2014/08/19MI?P11Community Callyes
2014/08/17boy having a siezure/collapsedP21Community Callno
2014/08/17laceration to headP21Billableyes
2014/08/16stab wound to headP11Community Callyes
2014/08/16swallowed oven cleanerP21Memberno
2014/08/16seizuresP21Community Callyes
2014/08/15stab wound to neckP11Community Callyes
2014/08/15MVAP12Community Callyes
2014/08/15Child having a seizureP11Community Callyes
2014/08/14abdomen pain on right sideP11Community Callyes
2014/08/13vomiting blood after fallingP11Community Callyes
2014/08/12swollen tongue/coughing bloodP11Community Callyes
2014/08/10sob /burst blood vessel in lungP11Community Callyes
2014/08/09hit with an axeP11Community Callyes
2014/08/09cuts to faceP21Billableyes
2014/08/09AssaultP11Community Callyes
2014/08/08seizuresP21Community Callyes
2014/08/07burnt with boiling waterP21Community Callyes
2014/08/07abdomen painP21Community Callyes
2014/08/05broken leg?P11Memberyes
2014/08/02pressure on chest and incontinenceP11Community Callyes
2014/08/01MI?P11Community Callyes
2014/08/01maternityP11Community Callyes
2014/08/01stroke?P11Community Callno

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