Over the years Medicare EMR has come up with a few projects to try and heal the community and put things in motion that will ultimately prevent the violence and abuse and social degradation that is often the reason we get called out late at night. We believe prevention is better than cure.

One such project is the “Charity Starts At Home” initiative. The idea behind this project is to get the communities to take back their pride and so to say “clean up their acts”. For the disadvantaged communities to prosper, they need to create an environment that is attractive to businesses. But first we need to start at home…

We plan to identify specific problem areas and donate cleaning materials to those houses. These cleaning materials can be refilled at a discounted price provided they present the original labelled containers they were presented with. Prizes will be given to those “clean up their act the best” and the street with the best results will be awarded a “blue flag” status.

A clean environment will uplift the spirits and be a deterrent for crime in the areas and hopefully have a positive impact on the economy and job creation.

To find out more how you can help please contact us at enquiries@medicare-emr.co.za




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