Accident Free Zone R45 Franschhoek

Petition for safety measures to be implemented on the R45 Franschhoek

A recent accident on the R45 coming into Franschhoek which instantly killed 2 locals and left a 3rd in a critical condition fighting for his life, has yet once again brought to light an on going issue experienced by road users in Franschhoek.

I lost my partner and friend four years ago on this road, we want to use this recent incident to help get the support we need to get some sort of safety features implemented on this stretch of road coming into Franschhoek.

The idea is to get “High Accident Zone” boards put up as well as those “Ripples” on the road surface to create awareness to road users to be aware of other roads users and tourists that there are vehicles regularly turning off to various wine estates in the area. Most of the time these people are new to the area and aren’t always 100% sure of their destinations and respective turn off’s.

Please help us with supporting this petition and help make our roads safer!

Since the beginning of this petition a total of 12 people have lost their lives on this stretch of road. Thanks to the awareness thus far we have seen an increase of visible traffic policing and regular enforcement of speed limits. Thank you to all that have signed thus far, I have lost two friends on this road and would really appreciate it if you could forward this petition to all your friends and associates. We need as much support as possible so that we can achieve our goal of creating a much safer R45 in the best interests of all roads users. For our local businesses, please draft a letter on your letterhead indicating your support of this campaign, the letters can be emailed to a dedicated email address Thanking you for your cooperation, yours in safety.

If you have not yet viewed the footage of the accident, and don’t worry the clip is not graphic with blood and stuff, it was the cctv camera footage which picked up the accident…




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