The AHA (American Heart Association) released the new CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) in October. I cannot begin to stress the importance of CPR and the vital role it plays in event of cardiac arrest. It’s such a basic skill. Traditionally we were trained on the principal of the ”HHH” (Hazards, Hallo & Help) and then your ”ABC” (Airway, Breathing & Compressions/Circulation).

The new protocol is ”HHH” and then ”CAB”. This theory is based on the USA EMS system whereby you have EMS Crews stationed within an 8 minute radius of each other. When the heart stops, one has approximately 10 minutes of good oxygen still in your body, so your job is to circulate that oxygen by means of rapid continuous compressions. You continue this until the EMS crews arrive. Now in reality this is not the case in most places in South Africa, but due to Medicare EMR’s presence in Franschhoek, you can be assured of peace of mind.

For more info on this simple life saving skill, feel free to contact me, or alternatively click on the AHA link.

More on the new CPR protocals



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