Emergency Response Statistics

Emergency Response Statistics

Live statistics on all the emergencies that Medicare EMR has responded to within Franshhoek over the last 2 years. These statistics are updated as each call is logged, giving you accurate and real time information.


Medicare EMR provides the Franschhoek Valley and surrounds with 24 Hour Rapid Emergency Medical Response to anybody requesting our assistance. We are essentially a community development and upliftment project run as a NGO. Our membership programme helps generate the funds that provide essential medical and trauma stabilisation of patients who can’t afford it. We also have affiliations with various organisations in the community with whom we initiate projects.



MVA = Motor Vehicle Accident
PVA = Pedestrian Vehicle Accident
MI = Heart Attack
TIA = Transient Ischemic Attack (mini stroke)
CVA = Stroke
OD = Overdose

P1 = very serious, potentially life threatening
P2 = needs to go to hospital, can become life threatening if not treated
P3 = minor injuries

Community Call
= due to special financial circumstances the patient was not charged for treatment
Billable = patient was billed for the treatment that was provided by Medicare EMR
Member= the call was covered by Medicare EMR membership program



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